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Welcome! My name is Jessica. I'm a health coach, graphic designer, photographer, Strala yoga guide and world traveller. I'm so happy you've stumbled upon my website. Whether you're looking for some simple nutritious recipes, places to go, in need of balance, productivity hacks or looking for some extra motivation. I've got you covered! This is where I share my tools for living an authentic fulfilling life.


Everyday 4 Pillars


These four simple approaches help guide my day to day, allowing me to be more mindful, connected and authentic. Have you nourished your body and mind today? Made time to unwind and play? Are you feeling balanced or blocked? Are your thriving?


Eat what makes you happy

Food for the soul, food for your body, food that makes you thrive and smile! Here are a couple of favourite, easy recipes:

“Jess helped me worked towards my goals by helping me get to the root of the problem. The most significant change I’ve noticed is that I trust myself more”
— Max

becoming your best self yet 

Need a little extra motivation to keep yourself on track? As a health coach I'm here to guide you, help you identify road blocks and working together to get you closer to your goals each day. 

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